Alison Garwood Jones

Republican control

August 22, 2012

Big government has no place in the lives of Americans.

Unless you’re a woman.

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May 22, 2011

Alison Garwood-Jones in her home office.
Alison Garwood-Jones is an award-winning writer, blogger and a former editor at Elle Canada. Her blog, “Society Pages,” explores her take on human nature and creativity and is a three-time nominee in the Canadian Weblog Awards. Alison was also recently cited as a “favourite blogger” by Brazen, the Washington, D.C.-based work-related website for “next-generation professionals” profiled by 60 Minutes.

In January 2017, Alison launched Willful, a web series she hosts and co-created with photographer and videographer Yann Yap. The series tracks how artists and creative entrepreneurs work, thrive and survive. Check it out for stories about inspiration and process, tips on how to make career pivots or transfer your skills as jobs change, plus advice on the economics of being (and staying) creative. Feedback from other freelancers has fueled them on as did the unexpected thumbs up they got from TVO Docs, Broadway producer and Grammy-Award winner Michael J. Moritz Jr.  and, get this, Paul Haggis, the Oscar-winning screenwriter and producer.  (Neither are known to them).

Since the Fall of 2014, Alison has been an instructor in Digital Strategy & Communications Management at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.

Lastly, Alison not only writes and teaches, she draws:

As an artist consultant to brands, she provides a fresh perspective and competitive advantage to businesses looking to clarify their marketing message and direction online and offline. Her digital and freestyle drawings published on Society Pages have garnered the praise of legendary graphic designer and book cover king, Chip Kidd, as well as the illustrator Tom Bachtell of The New Yorker.  Kidd called one of her political drawings, “a great conceptual drawing,” while Bachtell wrote, “a beautiful illustration. It’s simple, but perfectly captures the essence of the story. Hard to do, as I well know.”


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