Alison Garwood Jones

I made my first wallpaper pattern

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog

I designed this “Summer Lovin’”wallpaper pattern for The Merchant Tavern‘s beer, wine, and sangria station at the #AdelaideEatsTo Summer Food Market. It’s open M-F, 11 am – 9 pm at the corner of University and Adelaide, upper deck.  I learned how to make wallpaper patterns in a great Skillshare video by Julia Rothman (Thank you, Julia, for […]

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Wrecking ball

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

I let my dad down. Trevor was an architect, and earlier this week one of his modernist designs, the Fawcett House (1966), was torn down to make room for something new and improved. Thomas Allen wrote an eloquent and heartfelt lament about it in The Inlet, saying, “the tranquil courtyard, barrel-vaulted roof with celestial windows, […]

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Know your tools

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

Windsor and Newton Cotman pan set.

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Manly Man

Originally published in April 2017 in Blog

I called this one, Manly Man. As soon as I put my brush down, I heard the expression: “I’m not a doctor. I just play one on TV.” My friend Nichola asked how I made this drawing. It came about thusly: I went to a cafe (Tampered Press) with my cheap watercolour notebook and a […]

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CEOs push to publish

Originally published in March 2017 in Blog

I originally wrote this piece for Parcel Design’s Insights Blog. All artwork by Gary Beelik. When Bill Taylor co-founded Fast Company magazine in 1995, he used its glossy pages to imagine a better business world. But when Taylor, a leader in publishing and strategic change, announced that “it’s great to be an alumnus of print” in an interview […]

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We the people

Originally published in February 2017 in Blog

Drawing is more satisfying to me right now than writing. Writing requires a fuller understanding of people. Drawing lets you get away with suggestion. Weekend side projects. #TombowUSA #BlindContourDrawing

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Flesh tones

Originally published in November 2016 in Blog

The only thing I remember about colour mixing from grade school is: red + blue = purple. I’m guessing you also discovered that the result was an ugly, muddy maroon, not the Tyrian purple worn by Roman emperors. For that, according to Aristotle, I’d have to source some crushed shellfish. I only had a Prang […]

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We work for society

Originally published in October 2016 in Blog

“We work for society.” This is how my dad, Trevor Garwood-Jones (1928-2011), described an architect’s responsibilities to the communities they build in. Buildings house our existing emotions, but also create new ones — some drab, some inspired depending on the quality of the design. Beauty was key, in Trevor’s mind, to building empathy and a sense […]

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Colour variations

Originally published in September 2016 in Blog

I obsess over colour. I stare until I’m forced to blink. Then I stare some more. Do you see the atomic lift off in the yellow? Pure magic.    

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Accessible Design in Canada

Originally published in August 2016 in Blog

FIFTY YEARS AGO, graphic design meant two things: working in print and kicking out mind-blowing creative. Wait, make that three: insisting on your own vision. The brash antics of Madison Avenue’s “Big Idea” branding campaigns, personified by George Lois and his “my way or the highway” client dynamic, have long since been replaced by a […]

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