Alison Garwood Jones

In Conversation with Anita Kunz

Originally published in May 2016 in Blog

hen Anita Kunz was a five-year old growing up in Kitchener, Ontario in the early 1960s, she practiced drawing the usual kid stuff: horses, flowers, fluffy clouds. But making Crayola masterpieces for the fridge wasn’t enough. Anita drew with a stronger sense of purpose learned from her uncle, the artist and environmentalist Robert Kunz. His editorial illustrations […]

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Tonight’s reading

Originally published in May 2014 in Blog

My good pal, Jonathan Menon, sent me this: The New York Times Innovation Report, 2014. It outlines how the paper might reorganize itself into a truly “digital-first” organization. The report is 100 pages and will probably take me two baths to get through. The Times admits its biggest weakness, still, has been its reluctance to shift the […]

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Winter’s last blast

Originally published in April 2014 in Blog

I hope …

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Let humanity lead

Originally published in July 2013 in Blog

Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers project. Donate here.

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So where’s the correction?

Originally published in May 2012 in Blog

fter a stunning $2 billion loss in European trading by JPMorgan Chase last week, the FBI in the U.S. has opened a preliminary review of the debacle. As punishment, Ina Drew, the Chief Investment Officer whose London office orchestrated the trades, was promptly kicked to the curb. That lowers the ratio of male to female […]

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Lest we forget …

Originally published in May 2012 in Blog

It’s been said that the French don’t have a sense of humour (at least, not one the rest of us can discern). Then there are the Republicans (the U.S kind). They’re easy to laugh at, but not with. Samantha Bee was right when she pointed out that most Canadians regard Fox News as “a colossal practical […]

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Pink snow

Originally published in April 2012 in Blog

“Last week the cherry blossoms were falling all over the city, and children chased them in the same way they chase snowflakes. The most spectacular drifts of this pink snow were to be seen along Park Avenue, where cherry trees line the center island, and speeding cars cause the petals to swirl and dance.” — Bill Cunningham, […]

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Smoking frieze

Originally published in January 2012 in Blog

Photo: “Smoking Frieze” taken by my pal Keith Mulvihill, West 19th Street, NYC, January 3, 2012   Why should we use all of our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulations of [too many] objects and [too much] money. […]

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Perspective is so fabulous

Originally published in December 2011 in Blog

Someone said to me the other day, “You look like Amy Fine Collins.” I’ve read Amy Fine Collins. She’s a longtime writer on art, fashion and design for Vanity Fair, one of my favourite magazines. I like her work. I thought she was blonde and sporty, though, but that’s Nancy Collins, a celebrity profiler and […]

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A tree grows uptown

Originally published in April 2011 in Blog

©AGJ 2011: West 90th St. & West End Dr. New York is impossible to reduce to a simple plot line. There’s too much happening. At any given moment, someone is stopping on the landing of a fourth floor walkup and catching their breath before taking on the last twenty steps. Another is picking off a […]

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