Alison Garwood Jones

Winter’s last blast

Originally published in April 2014 in Blog

I hope …

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Shrinking comfort zone

Originally published in August 2013 in Blog

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Made in prison

Originally published in May 2013 in Blog

YOU: Whaddya in for? ME: I opted in. I pressed the button that said, “Create my account,” then I agreed to some terms I never read. YOU: Ouch. YOU: How long you in for? ME: Life. YOU: When did you do it? ME: Five years ago. YOU: Whaddya do with your time now that you’re […]

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We interrupt our regular programming

Originally published in April 2013 in Blog

It’s been a heinous week in the news. I needed some sparkle.   “The Hepburn Shuffle” by Chris Wahl.

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La beauté

Originally published in February 2013 in Blog

Good design in women is a human obsession. A phenomenon distinct from the individual. Beauty alters rooms. It changes behaviour And creates a sense of urgency In everyone. For the woman, beauty affects how she plans her life, Both when she has it And when she doesn’t. Either way, society doesn’t let her forget it. […]

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They leave me and I love them more

Originally published in December 2012 in Blog

Good-bye 2012  

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Lest we forget …

Originally published in May 2012 in Blog

It’s been said that the French don’t have a sense of humour (at least, not one the rest of us can discern). Then there are the Republicans (the U.S kind). They’re easy to laugh at, but not with. Samantha Bee was right when she pointed out that most Canadians regard Fox News as “a colossal practical […]

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Swan song

Originally published in February 2012 in Blog

Vocal brilliance and a regal bearing crowbarred their way back into a tragic life right to the end. I had no idea Whitney Houston recorded this in 2009. I gave up on her years ago.    

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“Kids today don’t know shit” — George Lois

Originally published in October 2011 in Blog

Whenever anyone coos about the “Golden Age of Journalism” this is what they’re talking about:   And this:   And these:   Not this:   And and I worked for Elle, God love’em. But if you had to choose between This                             […]

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He’s outta here

Originally published in May 2011 in Blog

  The author takes full responsibility for her many spelling mistakes.  ©AGJ This is the only underwear shot you’ll ever see on this website. Sorry guys. Readers of this blog who know my family will immediately recognize the model. “It’s Trevor!” — my dad — they’ll squeal. Yup, like you’ve never seen him before. Dad […]

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