Alison Garwood Jones

Why did I start drawing again?

Originally published in April 2017 in Blog

It’s simple. I started drawing again because I needed a reason to look up that felt more powerful than the urge to look down at my phone. Drawing from life forces you to feel edges, to see light, and to experience life. It’s  been clear to me, for quite some time, that mobile newsfeeds have eroded […]

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Willful web series

Originally published in January 2017 in Blog

This is me talking with my pal, Andrew Dobson, creator of the food and travel media empire, DobberNationLoves. Andrew is one of dozens of creative entrepreneurs and artists I’ll be interviewing in Willful, a new web series I co-created with my friend, Yann Yap, a producer, photographer and videographer currently working at TFO. A selfie of the […]

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Selfie Nation

Originally published in September 2016 in Blog

Photo Credit: Barbara Kinney/Hillary for America “It’s not in my DNA to be self-promotional,” said the Gen X’er.  

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Why video?

Originally published in September 2016 in Blog

Observation is my primary occupation. It takes on many forms: writing, drawing, and now videos. While most people have been video DIY’ers since 2005, when YouTube launched, I only took to the form when the story I wanted to tell needed video effects to lift it off the ground. I prefer to be led by […]

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Accessible Design in Canada

Originally published in August 2016 in Blog

FIFTY YEARS AGO, graphic design meant two things: working in print and kicking out mind-blowing creative. Wait, make that three: insisting on your own vision. The brash antics of Madison Avenue’s “Big Idea” branding campaigns, personified by George Lois and his “my way or the highway” client dynamic, have long since been replaced by a […]

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Godin is great

Originally published in March 2016 in Blog

A Seth Godin blog post called “Reject the Tyranny of Being Picked: Pick Yourself,” published in March 2011, made the rounds on the internet again this week. And with good reason. (h/t to Gapingvoid cartoonist Hugh MacLeod for reviving Godin’s greatest hits in his crunchy daily email). To recap, in March 2011: Twitter was at […]

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Skills pivot

Originally published in February 2016 in Blog

There are a lot of folks out there doing a skills pivot on their own time and dime. They’re saying yes to mastering data science and website design, and no to obscurity and unemployment. They’re plowing through long lists of recommended readings, and using Darwin’s Origin of the Species as the manual to justify preparing […]

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Worst Enemy

Originally published in January 2016 in Blog

Two weeks, ago, a parade of friends made their way through singer Emma Lee’s Toronto apartment, one of those over-a-shop spaces that surprisingly cavernous when you step inside. We were responding to a call: “I’m shooting a lyric video for my upcoming single ‘Worst Enemy,’” she announced via email, “and am in need of your fabulous […]

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Where does content live?

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog


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George Jetson

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog, Doodling, Illustration

    Did you know that when the The Jetsons debuted in 1962, George was a Digital Index Operator at Spacely Space Sprockets Inc.? That  job was funny then, but weirdly familiar now, like so many gadgets and scenarios in that great cartoon. If you really want to geek out, George earned his living pushing a […]

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