Alison Garwood Jones

So where’s the correction?

Originally published in May 2012 in Blog

fter a stunning $2 billion loss in European trading by JPMorgan Chase last week, the FBI in the U.S. has opened a preliminary review of the debacle. As punishment, Ina Drew, the Chief Investment Officer whose London office orchestrated the trades, was promptly kicked to the curb. That lowers the ratio of male to female […]

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“Remember the ladies …”

Originally published in August 2011 in Blog

As we open another trading week, most of us are hoping calm heads will prevail. I thought this was a good time to reprint a post from last year that dissected the 2008 crash. If you think Harper and Obama have control over our national finances, think again. Leaders aren’t in control, the stock jockeys […]

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Day traders: then and now

Originally published in March 2010 in Blog

THEN (ca.1986-2008) NOW Four blog posts down, on March 19th,  I looked at the male-dominated culture of day trading. After the hard lessons of September 2008 (September sure has proven to be a calamitous month, hasn’t it?), I wondered how and if we can change the recklessness of this species of capitalists? “Do you put […]

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