Alison Garwood Jones

Your dream job after 50?

Originally published in July 2018 in Blog, Custom Portraits, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

PEN JAR PRODUCTIONS, TORONTO: Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of folks on Instagram and Facebook expressing a resistance to certain persistent social markers: #MarriedBy25 has been revised to #MarriedBy35, and beyond. #DreamJobBy30 is also getting plenty of pushback.   That’s why I thought I’d do a cartoon for you describing a recent episode in my […]

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Originally published in January 2017 in Blog

You have to work for the government you want, or else someone else will give it to you. The world is feeling that today, this entire weekend, as folks in the U.S. prepare to stand toe-to-toe with forces threatening to roll back a half-century of hard-won social gains. Last night, I was in a room […]

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Sunrise, sunset

Originally published in June 2016 in Blog, Uncategorized

Sunrise, sunset. Then sunrise again. In a roundabout way, this art project involving paint, foam board and a my new butcher block desk as a background, was inspired by an essay by the writer-turned-broadcaster, Hanna Rosin. Her resonant piece talks about giving up mastery and dropping back down to zero. But, really, it’s about a skills […]

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A Toronto State of Mind

Originally published in June 2016 in Blog

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Dude, you inspire me

Originally published in January 2015 in Blog

Just before Christmas I attended an ACI artist’s talk at Massey College. At the end of it, I turned to the woman sitting next to me and said, “Wasn’t that good?” She agreed and we shared our favourite ah ha moments in the life and career of Paul Kane. Kane was born 150 years before Neil […]

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