Alison Garwood Jones

We the people

Originally published in February 2017 in Blog

Drawing is more satisfying to me right now than writing. Writing requires a fuller understanding of people. Drawing lets you get away with suggestion. Weekend side projects. #TombowUSA #BlindContourDrawing

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He wants YOU

Originally published in April 2015 in Blog

When winter leaves, Canadians, for the first time in months, can take their hands out of our pockets, straighten their shoulders and look up. No need to act like battering rams against the cold. The dog park is one of the first places I go to celebrate the glowing effects of the earth’s new position. […]

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One more time with feeling

Originally published in July 2013 in Blog

True story. A man opens the gate to a dog park and Rover runs in, ears flying. The man raises his Chuck It launcher and hurls an orange ball across the dirt pitch. Rover runs like a maniac to retrieve it and runs back just as fast, skidding to a halt at his master’s feet […]

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Last day

Originally published in June 2011 in Blog

Because I find writing about my dad more fun than crying. Happy Father’s Day, Papa Jones     Our Mt. Rushmore, TGJ (©AGJ) My dad was still hanging in the air inside his home a few hours after he died (it’s now been 12 weeks). I took note of his presence before the march of […]

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Current state of mind

Originally published in April 2011 in Blog

Gratitude is always my strongest emotion on Sundays. Here’s a reprint of a blog post from last fall. With my “head full of brains and my shoes full of feet,” good God I’ve travelled to some great places. A hat tip and a deep bow to my employers, my friends and, above all, my family. Because […]

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On the move

Originally published in February 2010 in Blog

You can never tell by looking at a person why they feel the need to run in the dark at 6:00 am, but pretending to know their story is like a parlour game to me. That guy was told by his doctor he has diabetes and exercise will lower his blood sugar. Her divorce just […]

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