Alison Garwood Jones

Paradise found

Originally published in June 2009 in Canadian Gardening

A northern climate hasn’t stopped one Montréal couple from creating a “tropical” hideaway —minus the dependence on water Eight years ago, when Julie Jonas and Danny Roberge moved from bustling downtown Montréal to Beaconsfield, Quebec, a tranquil West Island community 20 minutes from the city, their combined gardening experience was zip. But the bugs seemed […]

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Let there be light

Originally published in June 2009 in Canadian Geographic

Like a lot of people, Doug Welch gets a kick out of watching stuff blow up. We’re not talking about fiery crashes orchestrated by some B movie director holding a can of gasoline. Think bigger — the sort of KABOOM that could jostle the USS Enterprise off course and make Captain Kirk and company wince […]

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