Alison Garwood Jones


Alison Garwood-Jones in her home office.


Content Marketing: I help brands tell stories that address customer questions, needs, and concerns in a fresh and compelling way. Since content marketing is a “relationship-building, awareness-making, loyalty-boosting tool,” and not a direct sales tool, we will not be telling stories about why folks should buy your product. Old fashioned push marketing is (a) not engaging, (b) not useful to your target audience, and (c) annoying. Some of my clients have included The Merchant Tavern, The Art Canada Institute, OpenText, and a growing number of former print journalists.

Your Custom Profile Illustration: Does your bitmoji express the real you (even with 1.9 septillion options)? Not in my books. Hand-drawn portrait illustrations catch the flutter of your spirit and reveal your hidden strengths way better than the frozen stare of digitized art. Email me if you’re looking for a custom illustrated About Page or social media profile picture. This form explains how to order your one-of-a-kind likeness. Choose from one of three styles: tinted brush pen, loose gestural, and the Superhero option.

Illustrated portrait options by Alison Garwood-JonesGraphic Recording: As an artist consultant and graphic recorder to brands and non-profit organizations, I provide a fresh perspective for those looking to clarify their marketing message or solve a problem, be it organizational, financial, social or cultural. I have worked with TEDx (female momentum in society), Lean In Canada (tackling gender bias and diversity in the workplace) The City of Toronto, (crafting a gender neutral budget), The Merchant Tavern (new menu items) and Montecito (window art).

Alison Garwood-Jones, graphic recorder at TEDx Toronto.
Alison Garwood-Jones working as a graphic recorder for LeanIn Canada.
Alison Garwood-Jones Alison Garwood-Jones, graphic recorder at The City of Toronto. With Kristyn Wong-TamThat’s me with Kristyn Wong-Tam after the Gender Equal Budget meeting, January 2017.

Still not convinced? I made this short video to explain the difference an artist consultant can make for organizations looking to forge new strategies and business outcomes:

Speaker/Workshop Leader: I am a workshop leader and conference speaker on content marketing and social media strategy and tactics for brands and freelancers. Clients have included the Ontario Colleges Higher Education Summit, the University of  Toronto’s School of Continuing StudiesIABC Toronto’s PIC (Professional Independent Communicators), PodCamp Toronto, OpenText, the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the Canadian Media Guild, and Bishop’s University (Morris House Reading Series, SWEET).

Instructor: Since 2014, I have been an instructor (online and in-class) in Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media at The University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. I am also a member of the Program Advisory Committee for Social Media Week Toronto and The School of Media Studies and Information at Humber College. As a member of the Quadrangle Society, I am also a mentor to Junior Fellows at Massey College at the University of Toronto.

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