Alison Garwood Jones

Rise and shine

Originally published in July 2011 in

Change for change’s sake is hard to resist, especially when mastering a split focus has become such a badge of honour in today’s digitally driven world. Still, some endeavours bear a sweeter tasting fruit with a long-term approach. Wine making is one. Branding is another, or so say the principals at Up Inc., an award-winning […]

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The Reel Deal

Originally published in January 2011 in

Faking it is not an option for Calgary’s Roth & Ramberg, a photography duo who prides themselves on authenticity in their work In the 20 years since the switchover to digital, photography has morphed into a highly manipulative exercise in post-production. So when you meet a pair of photographers who put a premium on hanging […]

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Promise keepers

Originally published in December 2010 in

Zync, the Toronto-based branding and communication agency, has rebranded everything from multinational corporations to mom-and-pop stores, and why not? Variety is the spice of life. If Marko Zonta and Brad Breininger, the design and strategic duo heading up the Zync agency, can make our minds race, our palms sweat and our hearts jump, they’ve done […]

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