Alison Garwood Jones

Buried treasure

Originally published in September 2012 in Blog

[A]s a genre, online anonymous comments drain the blood from my face and twist my heart into a knot. But last night the blush returned to my countenance — no, my entire being — when I found this note tucked inside a book of short stories by Irwin Shaw. On the last page of the […]

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Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

Originally published in June 2012 in Blog

I felt this one in the centre of my chest.

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Pink snow

Originally published in April 2012 in Blog

“Last week the cherry blossoms were falling all over the city, and children chased them in the same way they chase snowflakes. The most spectacular drifts of this pink snow were to be seen along Park Avenue, where cherry trees line the center island, and speeding cars cause the petals to swirl and dance.” — Bill Cunningham, […]

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Thanks for tuning in

Originally published in February 2012 in Blog

When I started this blog, I didn’t know what would happen, what I would say or who would listen. I still don’t. Last spring, I noticed a spike in my traffic from Québec and it took a while before I realized my posts were lighting up computer screens in dorm rooms at Bishop’s University in the Eastern […]

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It can happen to you

Originally published in January 2012 in Blog

VIEWERS POUNCE ON CRUNCHY CONTENT   For those of you who still haven’t tried letting the internet do your networking for you, here’s an edited list of some of the organizations who came knocking at my door yesterday after I posted this. BTW, I crested at 870 hits and 1,100 pageviews. List courtesy of Google […]

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Resolution check-in

Originally published in January 2012 in Blog

““ Create a free slideshow with Picnik!

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The nearness of you

Originally published in May 2011 in Blog

One of the things I like best about journalism is how it shrinks the phenomenon of Six Degrees of Separation — the idea that we’re all six steps away from any other person on earth — right down to zero so that one day you find yourself standing face-to-face with Kevin Bacon and asking him […]

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Hall of Fame

Originally published in September 2010 in Blog

Here are just a few of the writers who amaze me. Gay Talese “New York is a city of things unnoticed. It is a city with cats sleeping under parked cars, two stone armadillos crawling up St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and thousands of ants creeping on top of the Empire State Building. The ants probably were […]

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Things are looking up

Originally published in February 2010 in Blog

Just when I thought smart phones were fast becoming the device of choice for philanderers, and sexting the most dominant literary form on these gadgets (“U look good naked,” etc., etc.), a new study shows that we’re using the email accounts on our phones and computers to spread more enlightening news. An article by John […]

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