Alison Garwood Jones

Working For Free

Originally published in April 2022 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Building your castle on someone else’s land is deceptively simple and attractive … until the landlord changes the terms on you. Etsy sellers are facing a 30% hike in their transaction fees. The plugins exist to go out on your own. Sure, it will take time, but what you get back in pride and ownership […]

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Originally published in September 2018 in Blog

Geoffrey Owens, talented actor and Yale grad: you have my respect and admiration. This August, in between teaching, writing, starting my new design biz (Pen Jar Productions), I too worked in the service industry, running the door at The Rectory Cafe, a beautiful restaurant on Ward’s Island. Part of my job included sweeping the entire […]

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Going Green

Originally published in December 2015 in Blog

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Planet freelance

Originally published in October 2015 in Blog

I stick up for freelancers. They inspire me. They’re my tribe. I don’t know if what I say disturbs the order. When there are still more men making $100 million a month on Wall Street flipping real estate than there are Occupy protests, I’d say … probably not. Every day, we freelancers show up to […]

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From the business pages

Originally published in October 2015 in Blog

    In June, Goldman Sachs brought down a new policy for their 2900 interns in investment banking: leave the office before midnight each day. (Source: The Sunday Funnies. Correction: “Sunday Business,” The New York Times).   Goldman Sachs supports     Meet Kenneth Griffin, an American hedge fund manager and the Founder and CEO of […]

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Upcoming Workshop: 2 weeks today!

Originally published in June 2014 in Blog

My next Digital Strategy Workshop is exactly two weeks today: Wednesday, June 18, from 1-4 pm. If you are an independent business owner, like me, I think you’ll find the tips and discussions very helpful. Email me at for the location details. *I plan to be at the beach and other people’s cottages over […]

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Stupid shit

Originally published in March 2014 in Blog

In Silicon Valley, designing apps that save people time is considered a noteworthy contribution to humanity. It’s why daily organizers like Evernote and 30:30 are considered big, but not as big as the category for “Stupid Shit.” It’s funny how toilet humour  made the journey from analogue to digital with nary a hitch. I mean, there […]

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Shrinking comfort zone

Originally published in August 2013 in Blog

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Future shock

Originally published in May 2013 in Blog

Shitty things can happen when good people do nothing. This is my interview with Story Board, the blog for the Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Writers Group. The internet spreads stories, voices and awareness, when we use it well. The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #8 – Alison Garwood-Jones In this regular feature, Story Board asks Canadian writers […]

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Life support

Originally published in July 2012 in Blog

[I] coined this saying in my twenties, and believed it through that entire decade of my life. Back then, men my age reacted to me in two ways: sexual heat or professional competitiveness, but usually they offered the package deal. Keeping an eye firmly planted on me (and my rotating outfits), they monitored the pace […]

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