Alison Garwood Jones

Living in a success culture

Originally published in January 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

See this other story from my “Monetize That” strip.

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Insights with Nargis

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

While Yann Yap and I finish editing our first batch of Willful videos and gear up for the next spate of interviews, it was so gratifying to participate in Nargiz Mammadova’s thoughtful interview series, Insights with Nargiz. We talked about creativity, work, life, and constant adaptation. Thank you, Nargiz! Photo: Gary Chen, White Clover.

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Godin is great

Originally published in March 2016 in Blog

A Seth Godin blog post called “Reject the Tyranny of Being Picked: Pick Yourself,” published in March 2011, made the rounds on the internet again this week. And with good reason. (h/t to Gapingvoid cartoonist Hugh MacLeod for reviving Godin’s greatest hits in his crunchy daily email). To recap, in March 2011: Twitter was at […]

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Where does content live?

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog


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Planet freelance

Originally published in October 2015 in Blog

I stick up for freelancers. They inspire me. They’re my tribe. I don’t know if what I say disturbs the order. When there are still more men making $100 million a month on Wall Street flipping real estate than there are Occupy protests, I’d say … probably not. Every day, we freelancers show up to […]

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News really is getting mobile

Originally published in February 2015 in Blog

News organizations that have been focused on their online real estate  — i.e. stuff they own, like their websites — need to start thinking more like train-hopping vagabonds. This means going homeless and filling their rucksacks with original stories formatted for mobile-only apps, then hitting the road and stopping at a variety of destinations along […]

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Consciousness Raising

Originally published in December 2014 in Blog

Then and now This post is dedicated to #RememberThe14,#December6, #MontrealMassacre, #ABetterMan, @EngineersCanada Twitter eggshell image via @CompDealerNews

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Your reading brain ~ part deux

Originally published in September 2014 in Blog

  Marcel Proust (above) defined deep reading as the moment when, “That which is the end of [the author’s] wisdom appears to us as the beginning of ours.” (1906) Book editor Peter Dimock took it one step further, calling deep reading, “A time of internal solitary consciousness.” (2010) Neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf, author of Proust & […]

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Warp speed

Originally published in September 2014 in Blog

My favourite moments in Star Trek, the original series, weren’t the fight scenes where scrums of Beatle-booted characters threw fake punches and ricocheted off walls with a little too much actorly enthusiasm. And it wasn’t when Spock grew a beard and waxed poetic about the universe. And it certainly wasn’t when Kirk fell in love. I […]

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Think like a newsroom

Originally published in July 2014 in Blog

When my story pitches for magazines or newspapers tank, it’s usually because: 1. My story idea is lame. 2. The story is good, but my pitch sucks. 3. My editorial connections are too thin. 4. It’s already been done (and, tut tut, I should have known that). 5. It’s a good pitch, but the wrong magazine […]

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