Alison Garwood Jones

Coffee Talk

Originally published in January 2024 in Blog, Cartoons, Comic

The Sunday Funnies. ~ By Alison Garwood-Jones

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Long for yourself

Originally published in July 2023 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

As Sinéad O’Connor said:”We weren’t raised to long for ourselves. [I guess my message for younger women is]: Long for yourself.”

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Be An Agitator

Originally published in July 2022 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Jane Jacobs’ persistence moved mountains. She was dismissed in multiple ways: For not being an academic Of being “a troublemaker” Of being a “liberal agitator” For being a woman And finally, when nothing else worked, for being “wanton.” Yes, even Jane was accused of being an office slut by her managing editor at Iron Age magazine. […]

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Does your boss make you work weekends?

Originally published in July 2022 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

It’s important that our bosses and clients don’t set Monday deadlines that pressure us into working on the weekends. (Working for yourself is another story). By speaking up en masse, we can steer our culture into recognizing that weekends are sacred time that are meant to be spent how we see fit: napping, doing laundry, […]

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Originally published in July 2022 in Blog

Joan is not the first to ponder the arc of civilizations. They peak and then they fall. The Romans, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Americans. She came of age during a peak. Now she’s observing the fall. Every day, relentless corruption, catastrophe, and systemic failure. The centre isn’t holding. She returns to the very same […]

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Reasons for Hope

Originally published in February 2022 in Blog

U.S. Women’s Soccer Win Equal Pay

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Coco and Diana

Originally published in March 2021 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Reading is my greatest joy. This exchange appeared in Amanda Mackenzie Stuart’s biography on Diana Vreeland called Empress of Fashion. Diana described the conversation in greater detail: “Coco [Chanel] was a nut on armholes. She never, ever got an armhole quite, quite perfect, the way she wanted it. She was always snipping and taking out […]

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Saturday at the AGO

Originally published in January 2020 in Blog, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Storytelling

I asked the Marchesa to tell me about her life, while Calder bent in to listen. #snowday❄️ at the @agotoronto #agoannualpass Saturday sketching at the AGO – Illustrations by Alison Garwood-Jones

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Art Helps

Originally published in September 2019 in Blog, Cartoons, Comic, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

In ten seconds, the ticker tape of a woman’s mind can go from, “I need a snack,” “When do I pick up the kids?” to “What’s the root cause of misogyny?” Most gals who pay attention to the way the world works are only two or three thoughts away from dystopian spirals. Afternoon cheese and […]

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Originally published in April 2019 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

In 1967, she was thinking: air hostess (for the glamour), nurse and office girl with oodles of charm and personality. In 2019, she is thinking of algorithms, black holes, oncology, Odyssey translations, and true crime. She is still being instructed to improve her hair, her voice, her figure, her walk, but the joy of applying […]

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