Alison Garwood Jones

Saturday at the AGO

Originally published in January 2020 in Blog, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Storytelling

I asked the Marchesa to tell me about her life, while Calder bent in to listen. #snowday❄️ at the @agotoronto #agoannualpass Saturday sketching at the AGO – Illustrations by Alison Garwood-Jones

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Art Helps

Originally published in September 2019 in Blog, Cartoons, Comic, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

In ten seconds, the ticker tape of a woman’s mind can go from, “I need a snack,” “When do I pick up the kids?” to “What’s the root cause of misogyny?” Most gals who pay attention to the way the world works are only two or three thoughts away from dystopian spirals. Afternoon cheese and […]

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Originally published in April 2019 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

In 1967, she was thinking: air hostess (for the glamour), nurse and office girl with oodles of charm and personality. In 2019, she is thinking of algorithms, black holes, oncology, Odyssey translations, and true crime. She is still being instructed to improve her hair, her voice, her figure, her walk, but the joy of applying […]

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Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation

Originally published in March 2019 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Finding time to focus on creativity is tough for everyone, but it’s especially hard for women given the demands on their time at work and at home.

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Deepa Mehta

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration

People I admire, who happen to be women: film director Deepa Mehta. I remember coming back from a press trip in Stuttgart and waiting forever at YYZ for a taxi. Deepa was waiting too and we gave each other the nod. #IndoCanadianFilm #elementstrilogy #CanadianFilm #TIFF #fiercewomen

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Let’s help more

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration

Let’s give what we can: time, encouragement, money, and love. For those who have much and are still cranky and upset for some unknowable reason, it’s probably because you’re not doing enough for others. Changing someone else’s sense of what’s possible, changes your own.

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Gender equality …

Originally published in March 2018 in Blog, Cartoons, Doodling, Graphic Recording, Illustration

See this other story from my Monetize That comic strip.

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A star is born

Originally published in July 2017 in Blog

TORONTO, JULY 2017: Filmmaker Maureen Judge‘s next documentary, Girls on the Bus, in development with TVO Docs, explores the challenges faced by teenage girls whose expectations of success and sexual equality are not being met. Maureen will follow four to five subjects during their final year of high school, and look at how the perception of […]

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Kara Walker

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

Kara Walker is one of seven artists profiled in the April 17-30 edition of New York Magazine (still on many newsstands). Doreen St. Felix describes a black female artist who is acutely aware that her work and persona are a lightning rod for the pathologies that are everywhere in the U.S. “She knows that putting […]

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Originally published in January 2017 in Blog

You have to work for the government you want, or else someone else will give it to you. The world is feeling that today, this entire weekend, as folks in the U.S. prepare to stand toe-to-toe with forces threatening to roll back a half-century of hard-won social gains. Last night, I was in a room […]

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