Alison Garwood Jones

Celebrity Body Parts

Originally published in May 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

  Inspired by back issues of Rolling Stone Magazine. #GoldenAgeOfMagazines #PopCulture #Illustration #SocialChange #WatercolorArt SaveSave

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Bill Cunningham left us a memoir — oh joy!

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Source: The New York Times

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Let’s help more

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration

Let’s give what we can: time, encouragement, money, and love. For those who have much and are still cranky and upset for some unknowable reason, it’s probably because you’re not doing enough for others. Changing someone else’s sense of what’s possible, changes your own.

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James Baldwin

Originally published in January 2018 in Blog, Cartoons, Racism, Toronto Illustrators, Visual Storytelling

When the going gets tough, the weak blame. It appears to be a human default setting. I often dream of good deeds, And individually extracting myself from the white man’s shitty record on race. “But you can’t,” Ta-Nehisi Coates told a podscast audience I was part of … “Any more than I can get out […]

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Bill Cunningham, you are missed

Originally published in November 2017 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Crossing the heavens to capture the stars. #BillCunningham #WatercolorPencil @nytimes

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Kara Walker

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

Kara Walker is one of seven artists profiled in the April 17-30 edition of New York Magazine (still on many newsstands). Doreen St. Felix describes a black female artist who is acutely aware that her work and persona are a lightning rod for the pathologies that are everywhere in the U.S. “She knows that putting […]

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Insights with Nargis

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

While Yann Yap and I finish editing our first batch of Willful videos and gear up for the next spate of interviews, it was so gratifying to participate in Nargiz Mammadova’s thoughtful interview series, Insights with Nargiz. We talked about creativity, work, life, and constant adaptation. Thank you, Nargiz! Photo: Gary Chen, White Clover.

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Why did I start drawing again?

Originally published in April 2017 in Blog

It’s simple. I started drawing again because I needed a reason to look up that felt more powerful than the urge to look down at my phone. Drawing from life forces you to feel edges, to see light, and to experience life. It’s  been clear to me, for quite some time, that mobile newsfeeds have eroded […]

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I was never a journalist

Originally published in February 2016 in Blog

I’ve never defined myself as a journalist, not with every fibre of my being. I’m no Christie Blatchford. Robyn Doolittle, I’ll never be. Christie Blatchfords For a while, I called myself a “journalist” when I typed it in the headline of my LinkedIn profile. But it was always a bit of a stretch, so I […]

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Where does content live?

Originally published in November 2015 in Blog


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