Alison Garwood Jones

Her Last Photo

Originally published in September 2022 in Blog

A personal remembrance inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s last photo.

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Monetize That

Originally published in July 2022 in Blog, Comic, Toronto Illustrators

Still one of my favourite episodes from “Monetize That,” my comic strip that unpacks success culture. This episode was first published in 2019 — before Covid. It feels like it has found its footing even more profoundly in our current moment.

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Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro in conversation

Originally published in March 2019 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

Finding time to focus on creativity is tough for everyone, but it’s especially hard for women given the demands on their time at work and at home.

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Say no to racism

Originally published in July 2018 in Blog

I grew up in a multi-racial family. From left to right: Catherine, Alison, Richard, Trevor, Peter, and our 1972 orange Volvo wagon. My brothers and I were born at time when Martin Luther King Jr. was doing his most important work, standing up to segregationists in Georgia and organizing non-violent protests in Alabama. Meanwhile, a […]

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Missing them

Originally published in March 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

  Catherine and Trevor Garwood-Jones Catherine, Trevor, Peter and Richard.

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Originally published in November 2016 in Blog, Uncategorized

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This is it

Originally published in August 2016 in Blog

Cleaning up the remains of our parents’ days has been a long process for my brothers and me. Five years to be exact. From left to right: Alison, Richard and Peter. We’re probably watching Wimbledon or the U.S. Open. Yesterday, as I was studying the photographic evidence of our childhoods inside a non-descript industrial storage […]

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Originally published in May 2015 in Blog

Photo from the Melissa Rivers Collection Joan Rivers was by turns vicious, smart, snarky and deeply caring. Back when when I watched more TV I occasionally landed on one of her fashion rants, but never stayed long. Most of the time, I don’t find that kind of aggression entertaining. But I felt her talent, so […]

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Energy report

Originally published in January 2015 in Blog

My energy reserves are more precious than oil. I don’t know if it’s a female thing? The men I know and love and don’t love don’t share the nitty gritty details of their energy metrics. For all I know, they’re concealing some wild fluctuations. Productivity is what we’re all chasing. It’s the gold standard and […]

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Originally published in December 2013 in Blog

After you lose your parents, You start to wonder if your family ever existed. That feeling of being part of a team alters, Then disintegrates over time. New alliances form. Continents and decades are crossed in a valiant search for that next Home. Siblings become more like old classmates, People you used to know because […]

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