Alison Garwood Jones

Coco and Diana

Originally published in March 2021 in Blog, Toronto Illustrators

Reading is my greatest joy. This exchange appeared in Amanda Mackenzie Stuart’s biography on Diana Vreeland called Empress of Fashion. Diana described the conversation in greater detail: “Coco [Chanel] was a nut on armholes. She never, ever got an armhole quite, quite perfect, the way she wanted it. She was always snipping and taking out […]

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Why my Shopify store is still closed

Originally published in March 2021 in Blog

While my Shopify store @PenJarProductions is closed I’m watching how technology is changing fashion and décor. Here’s what it would take for me to start selling my custom-designed pillows and totes again.   Sources: • Unmade • Looop Recycling • Akqa

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