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Living in a success culture

Originally published in January 2018 in Blog, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

See this other story from my “Monetize That” strip.

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Originally published in May 2015 in Blog, Doodling, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Visual Notetaking, Visual Storytelling

TEDxWomen 2015 is a one-day event showcasing women’s voices and perspectives from around the world. While TEDxTheAnnexWomen highlights local voices in Toronto, it is part of an intercontinental network of inspiring storytelling. Here’s how I saw what I heard.

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Why I didn’t work it

Originally published in February 2015 in Blog

I don’t normally take requests on my blog. But a good friend of mine who has been watching me play at this piano for the last six years, and who has more than once thrown encouragement in my tip cup, says he wants me to write about beauty. My beauty. “I keep talking about beauty […]

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Failures, I’ve had a few

Originally published in January 2015 in Blog

“Lost and Found at Uni” series, by Alison Garwood-Jones When I met Stewart,* he was standing outside the coffee shop I’d suggested with his hands pushed deep inside his pant pockets. “It’s closed, isn’t it?” I said, walking up to him. “Yup,” he said, and we gave each other an awkward hug. “Sorry about that,” […]

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Originally published in October 2014 in Blog

For most of my career, I’ve had this feeling of just starting out. To wit: grad school took me forever (don’t ask), and no sooner had I earned my degree in art history when I hit the road in search of something beyond the four walls of a museum. Journalism felt vital and risky, so I […]

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Remains of the day

Originally published in May 2013 in Blog

I got a lot of moving feedback the first time I wrote about my mother, Catherine, in The Long Goodbye, published three years ago on this blog. After she died last Christmas, I expanded on the story of our relationship and turned it into a magazine piece for Glow Magazine. It’s in the May issue, on newsstands […]

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Riding the tube

Originally published in November 2012 in Blog

Photography by Emma-Lee UPDATE: In June 2013, Emma-Lee’s album “Backseat Heroine” was the winner of Best Adult Contemporary album at the 2013 Independent Music Awards. [I] was propositioned by a guitar picker this summer. Or, rather, the writer in me was. And that’s “ghitaahr pick’r,” if you say it like you’re June Carter Cash, as I’m wont […]

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McSweeney’s found me

Originally published in January 2012 in Blog

While I was waiting to hear from some of my editors yesterday, I made soup and messed around on the internet. Later that afternoon, I  went to the library and pulled a book off the shelf that looked interesting only to discover a painting of me inside its pages (I haven’t sat for anybody). Turning […]

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“Kids today don’t know shit” — George Lois

Originally published in October 2011 in Blog

Whenever anyone coos about the “Golden Age of Journalism” this is what they’re talking about:   And this:   And these:   Not this:   And and I worked for Elle, God love’em. But if you had to choose between This                             […]

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The woo girls

Originally published in July 2011 in Blog

A friend sent me a quote recently. “Beauty is not caused, it is.” Yeah, I purred, appreciating his appreciation for Emily Dickinson. The next day I found a copy of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue shoved in my mailbox. I didn’t ask for it. I used to order it, but that was back when women moved […]

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