Alison Garwood Jones

Hi Tomato

Originally published in July 2019 in Blog, Comic, Doodling, Graphic Facilitator, Graphic Recorder, Graphic Visualizer, Illustration, Toronto Illustrators

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Process Junkie

Originally published in March 2019 in Blog, Surface Design, Toronto Illustrators

Who doesn’t love process, and art supplies!

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Communicating your value as a visual storyteller

Originally published in September 2018 in Blog

I first published this post back in August when Gini Dietrich and her team asked me to be a guest contributor at Spin Sucks (the website and the book) is a fantastic resource for up-to-date information and advice on current issues and trends surrounding marketing, communication, social media, entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, and advertising. Not […]

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Creative Entrepreneurs: a mutual support society

Originally published in June 2018 in Blog

The nice thing about being a creative entrepreneur, other than the creative freedom, the distance from office politics, and the casual wardrobe (I also like to randomly drop and do sit-ups, which I wouldn’t do in an office setting) is the sense of camaraderie with fellow freelancers. We hire each other, and pay with cash […]

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Deepa Mehta

Originally published in April 2018 in Blog, Illustration

People I admire, who happen to be women: film director Deepa Mehta. I remember coming back from a press trip in Stuttgart and waiting forever at YYZ for a taxi. Deepa was waiting too and we gave each other the nod. #IndoCanadianFilm #elementstrilogy #CanadianFilm #TIFF #fiercewomen

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Jessie Tait, designer

Originally published in August 2017 in Blog

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Things dogs do

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog

He found something.

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Chalk art tips

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog, Surface Design

Photo: Alison Garwood-Jones The Merchant Tavern, TORONTO (@TheMerchantTo): Colouring on the back of a window makes the shaded areas appear more solid from the front. This is especially true on double-pane glass. This is my latest #ChalkArt discovery using Molotow acrylic markers. Some other things I’ve learned since I started drawing on windows two summers ago: […]

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I made my first wallpaper pattern

Originally published in June 2017 in Blog

I designed this “Summer Lovin’”wallpaper pattern for The Merchant Tavern‘s beer, wine, and sangria station at the #AdelaideEatsTo Summer Food Market. It’s open M-F, 11 am – 9 pm at the corner of University and Adelaide, upper deck.  I learned how to make wallpaper patterns in a great Skillshare video by Julia Rothman (Thank you, Julia, for […]

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Spring Florals

Originally published in May 2017 in Blog

Nothing beats the new greens and watery blues of Spring. Watercolour is, hands-down, the best medium for capturing this season.  

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