Alison Garwood Jones


Originally published in August 2012 in Blog

Life is greener on the other side of the sushi grass. And spicier too, or so they say. Not so. Chop, chop! All images ©AGJ on Sketches for iPhone

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Food trend: face plants

Originally published in July 2012 in Blog

I’ve noticed a food trend. It’s not sexy like figs with warm honey, or technically brilliant and tasteless like foam. It’s definitely not healthy. And it’s more a style of eating than any new culinary concoction. It involves doing a face plant in clouds of takeout wrapping paper. Anyone watching you eat like this has […]

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A (Short) Trip to Bountiful

Originally published in August 2008 in Toronto Life

As more and more restaurants grow their own, produce is going from farm to table in 60 seconds Across the city, industrious chefs are getting their hands dirty, digging up back lots, hauling pecks of dirt to rooftops and tailoring crops to their gardens’ particular microclimate. Forget the 100-mile diet—the next frontier is the 50-metre […]

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