Alison Garwood Jones

Home recording

Originally published in April 2020 in Blog, Webinar and Podcast Host, Webinar Host, Webinar Host, Webinars

🎙 Head to the closet. This is an old home recording trick, but it works! 🎙 Being industrious and employed during Covid-19 is a confidence booster. Gratitude is good for your body and mind. 🎙 For this job, I host/facilitate a medical webinar. I feel at home with the topics — diabetes, heart disease, depression, […]

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I Woman, you Man — what’s it all mean?

Originally published in June 2014 in Blog

The #YesAllWomen hashtag has inspired a ton of stories by women describing what they experience on a daily basis just because they are women. For this, I go back to John Berger and an earlier post I wrote called, “Out of sight.”  Here is the podcast. Have a listen:     Left: Steve McQueen in […]

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