Alison Garwood Jones

Home recording

Originally published in April 2020 in Blog, Webinar and Podcast Host, Webinar Host, Webinar Host, Webinars

🎙 Head to the closet. This is an old home recording trick, but it works! 🎙 Being industrious and employed during Covid-19 is a confidence booster. Gratitude is good for your body and mind. 🎙 For this job, I host/facilitate a medical webinar. I feel at home with the topics — diabetes, heart disease, depression, […]

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Using my voice

Originally published in May 2015 in Blog

This week I unwittingly joined the ranks of Robert Redford and Pierce Brosnan when I lent my voice to a PSA on monarch butterflies for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The NRDC is an American environmental organization, but Canadian farmers, especially corn and soybean growers, have permission to use the same glyphosate-containing chemical mentioned in the […]

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