Alison Garwood Jones

But I was joking!

May 8, 2010

To everyone who thought “AGJ” was Application No. 100,001 from Apple, then tried to buy it from the iPhone App Store, my tin cup thanks you! ist2_2479025-perfect-kiss-with-red-lip-print

It was a joke, dear readers!

Look closer at the image (below) and you’ll see I used glue and scissors to create my mock-up. The ink-soaked paper, coughed out by my printer, is also buckled. Actually, I thought more people would notice the curved edges of the page, distortions created by my camera.

One day I’ll be able to use PhotoShop to create really slick images for my website with no waves on the surface or dog-eared edges. But so far, I’ve only had two lessons (thanks Alanna!)


2 responses to “But I was joking!”

  1. Emily says:

    Out of curiosity, what does one need to do in order to officially have an app for sale at the iPhone Store? Maybe this is something that could become a reality in the future? It doesn't hurt to dream big! :)

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