Alison Garwood Jones

Fast times at Newsy High

May 17, 2010

Laptop: checkSketchesDrawing-4

iPhone: check

Flipcam: check

USB cables: check

Audio recorder: check

Pen and notebook: check, check

Snack: check

Bevvy: check, check

Brain: CHECK!

I’m off to the Toronto Star today for a three-day workshop for journalists on how to create digital content . If you wanna be a reporter and blogger today, you better know how to do it all: find the story, write it up (stuffing it with plenty of SEO-friendly buzz words), snap the pics, create the layout, post the audio clip, assemble the slide show and direct and edit the video. We’re like those gypsy musicians with the accordion, drum, cymbals and horn strapped to their bodies, trying to play a happy tune. Good times.

Bill OneManBand


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