Alison Garwood Jones

Free falling

May 29, 2010

0FN19A year ago, if you’d asked me about blogs I would have told you I resented them.

But that’s because I was following the lead of more experienced journalists I know.

I got over that and decided it was time to crack open my heart and mind and stop placing a dollar sign on

Every. Single. Word. I. Write.

(old me: “That’ll be $5, please.”)

Not thinking that way is hard when resources are shrinking and print media is hemorrhaging as fast as that downed oil tanker in the Gulf.

I’ve since learned that the mind is the tightest organ in the body, and the least resistant to change.

A year later, blogging has become a part of the rhythm of my life, and when times are good, a guiding force.

Now when I’m asked what I think of blogging, I say it’s the most unbelievable publishing platform ever invented. And, finally, I believe it.

A blog is a chance to show the world what you want to be known for.

“Society Pages” is the name I chose for my site. It’s a nod to that section in newspapers traditionally handled by women because no one expected, or wanted, their interests or expertise to stretch beyond hemlines, souffl├ęs and studio starlets.

By now, if you’re one of my regular readers, I don’t think you’ve come here expecting to see recipes or stories and pics about the rich and famous and their trips to The Hamptons or side trysts in stables. That’s not my beat.

Sure, I’ve lunched with the Lauders and interviewed the Kennedys (working at Elle Canada magazine makes those things happen). This blog casts a wider net and examines the strange and touching things we all do because, well, we’re human. I write about human nature but, really, I’m profiling life.

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