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Up, up and away!

August 18, 2010

SketchesDrawing-6I know, I know. It looks like I’m going the wrong way. I drew this on a flight from LA to Honolulu

I’m going on a trip! I’ll take you along for the ride. I’m off to Hungary, Austria, Germany and Holland. So grab your plane socks and moist towelettes, but leave behind the Lonely Planets. You won’t need them. You’ve got me!

SketchesDrawing-6 A window seat is a must!

*For any lurking ne’er-do-wells, don’t even think about raiding my apartment while I’m gone. It’s full of books. Who needs those anymore? And the fridge is empty. I ate the last olive. Besides, my friend Geoff (who’s as big as a tank thanks to his Bavarian ancestors) is guarding it for me while I’m gone.


One response to “Up, up and away!”

  1. Emily says:

    Fantastic! Be sure to post photos, and have a wonderful time! :)

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