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December 13, 2010

This is an update about Full of Beans, my favourite coffee shop on Dundas St. West. I wrote about FoB back in September when it first opened (here’s the post).

Image courtesy of BlogTo

Image by Dennis Marciniak, courtesy of

As of last week, Lori Nytko, FoB’s delightful owner and operator, has collected enough furniture from antique stores and hotel sales to unveil the back half of the store, a secret space previously hidden behind a wall of bookshelves.

Now you can put down your groceries and Christmas packages and sit in a plush arm chair …

Comfy Spot #1

Image courtesy of Lori Nytko

… or perch on a wrought iron café chair while you sip through the steam of one of her many speciality coffees. And, unlike the library, you can eat pastries and read the books. Just remember when you’re finished to stand the book upright and tap three times until you see a pile of crumbs on the table. Blow them away for good luck!


Image courtesy of Lori Nytko

This shot was taken before the rest of the furniture arrived. It gives you a good idea of the warmth and charm of the space.

Lift your head (Take that, SmartPhones!) and look around. Smell the coffee, peruse the books on FoB’s shelves, read the newspaper from front to back, or just enjoy the person sitting across the table from you.


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