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Quote of the year (it came early)

January 12, 2011

“Everyday life now means living beyond our means.”

Jason McBride, “The Unaffordable City,” Toronto Life (February 2011)
*Update: This article isn’t about feeling entitled to the best of everything, it’s about the rising cost of living and struggling to pay for the basics. It’s not online yet.

3 responses to “Quote of the year (it came early)

  1. Emily says:

    Jason McBride summed it up quite well, I think! I think everyone is guilty of living beyond one's means to some extent. Somehow we've planted the idea into our heads that we deserve the very best of everything, and we'll take it right now, thank you very much! But is it too late for us to change our mindset? And can we avoid the extremes, i.e. going from over-the-top excess to to Puritanical sparseness?

  2. AlisonGJ says:

    Ah, but this article wasn't about overspending and wanting the best of everything. It was about how wage cuts and freezes are making it hard to cover the rising cost of living. Every year everyday items go up, like metro passes and stamps and quarts of milk. Luxury was squeezed out of the equation some time ago.

    Thanks for weighing in though, Em!

  3. Emily says:

    Oops…never mind!

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