Alison Garwood Jones

Why Annette should win

January 2, 2011

This one quote by Annette Bening sums up what makes her such a special actress and human being.

Talking with Constance Rosenblum of The New York Times during a press junket for her latest film, The Kids Are All Right, Bening mentioned the books she’s been reading on her iPad and Kindle (the old ‘What’s on your nightstand?’ question). They included Keith Richards’ new memoir, the novel Great House by Nicole Krauss and Saul Bellow’s letters. Here’s why the letters stood out for her:

Starting from the very first letter, he’s basically talking about the theme that I’ve always loved in his work: that there’s a pulse of life, that life is painful and complicated, but ultimately there’s a joy and optimism and a kind of thirst for life that he’s managed to maintain, despite all the reality.

Nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards will be announced January 25th. Bening has never won. It’s time.


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