Alison Garwood Jones

Oprah’s parting words

May 27, 2011

Live from the heart of yourself. Yeah, I know you have to make a living, but, still, do it.

Each of us has our own platform. Climb up on it and do something with it.

Show people who you are.

Use your life to serve the world.

Every rock, every flower, every person on earth is energy; make it good energy.

No one completes you (Jerry Maguire, the movie, was wrong). You are responsible for your own life.

I hope my show dropped the veil on all the pretence in the world (about perfect families and perfect lives).

Too many people block their talents and blessings simply because they don’t feel worthy enough to own their own lives. Being alive makes worthiness your birthright.

Everybody wants to be heard. There’s no better feeling than when you know you’ve been heard completely.

Go out and validate someone.

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