Alison Garwood Jones

A thought

June 26, 2012

How perverse that we’re made to feel bad for living long enough to age.


2 responses to “A thought”

  1. retmononews says:

    I refuse to give others that power over me!

    I plan to help redefine the concept of “old age”. But first of all, I’d like to rename it. I think I’ll call it “extreme adulthood”.

    Viva extreme adulthood!


  2. greg says:

    Age is good

    Age is strong and full of knowledge

    Age is wisdom

    Age is history

    just knowing more about what’s happened on this planet is strength

    I work with very young people

    I’m amazed every day at their lack of attention and detail

    I can’t believe how much they miss

    I don’t miss a thing

    So age is good for me

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