Alison Garwood Jones

La beauté

February 17, 2013

Good design in women is a human obsession.

A phenomenon distinct from the individual.

Beauty alters rooms.

It changes behaviour

And creates a sense of urgency

In everyone.

For the woman, beauty affects how she plans her life,

Both when she has it

And when she doesn’t.

Either way, society doesn’t let her forget it.

Beautiful women who brush off its significance

Are either coy,

Or in denial.

Maybe that’s because they know attraction and violence breathe the same air.

Being on top of the pecking order comes with a different set of responsibilities and expectations.

People question when beauty is hidden away — i.e. if it stays in on a Saturday night,

Or earns a Ph.D.

Somehow, it’s abandoning its responsibilities to others

To be seen

And admired.

We chastise and sometimes dismiss women

For being obsessed over the very things we can’t take our eyes off:

Their hair, their breasts, their tiny hands,

Their brain when they express profundity through those lips and animated eyes.

Beautiful women get used to being the eye of the storm,

And are incensed when they’re not.

Finally, when the storm clouds clear

And beauty’s draw has diminished,

And when those who would have her are fading too,

Life goes on.

Still,  good design in women, like our love of high-end cars and chairs,

Continues to preoccupy us.

Handing over the reins is built into the system.

Conceding gracefully is not.

Acknowledging life’s cycle is the ultimate gift you give yourself

And others.

Peace on earth,

And good will to women,

And men.



One response to “La beauté”

  1. Carl Lyons says:

    Beautifully written, and true!!

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