Alison Garwood Jones

Show up

April 26, 2013

What was true then is true now: focus and discipline will take you far.

I showed up at the kitchen table almost every day of my young school life. It was “homework central” in our house (well, I made it so).  And sometimes it was a group effort.

My mother had a day job, but she was never too tired to sit down with me and demonstrate how to craft a better sentence or solve an equation. Boy, was she patient with my math skills.

So when a day that starts out feeling uncertain finishes with a sense of accomplishment, it’s because you showed up. Working gives you more energy, not less.







One response to “Show up”

  1. Liza Herz says:

    Agreed. Sometimes it's that simple.

    Aside: That is such an amazing picture. And you inherited her 'hand-on-forehead-to-help-me-think' gesture. Lovely.

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