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April 9, 2013

Your opinion 2


This saying made me laugh (out of recognition).

Here’s where we are four months into 2013. Narcissistic? Perhaps. But it sums up the technological revolution we’re all feeding and advancing, mostly through our phones. Who’d have thought that the gatekeepers, for whom we used to do our breathless song and dance routines, would lose their sex appeal so rapidly? Power in decline isn’t pretty. It’s mean and selfish. Beware.

Patti Smith is calling this new reality, “the democratization of self-expression.”

I can’t get enough of her right now as I navigate my way between creativity and solvency in cyberspace. Smith first came to us in beads and bandanas — a curious, scruffy and luminous beat poet and performer. Her heightened awareness of the meaning of life and change is proving to be as strong today as it was in 1969. “We’re going through a painful adolescence again,” she told a crowd. “What do we do with all of this technology? What do we do with our world? Who are we?”

So, it’s official. My heart has moved on from chasing deals on paper. I’ve boarded the rocket ship. I didn’t ask where my seat was. I saw one, it was empty, so I claimed it. You’re looking at it.

“Follow the growth” is a business axiom with massive creative potential.


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