Alison Garwood Jones

Good day, sunshine

July 19, 2013

Canadians have many charming idiosyncrasies. We rave about sunshine and hot temps when we’re paying good money for it.

But when it’s afflicting us for free, we moan and bitch.

So grab a pool noodle, pick up a paper fan, raise your face to the sun. Do something to show your gratitude.

And play this as a reminder of how good we’ve got it.



2 responses to “Good day, sunshine”

  1. Stephen Strauss says:

    Dear Ms.Garwood-Jones:
    I believe you don't entirely understand Canada. Weather is who we are. So when someone asks=: How are you, a Canadian responds by talking about the weather. And never in an entirely positive way. It is either too hot or too cold, or, will soon be.
    Signed: A Soon To Be Father Of A Bride Who Hopes It Won't Rain On The Wedding Day, But As A Canadian Expects It Will.

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