Alison Garwood Jones

Demagogue Pinups

September 13, 2013

Several leaders have been caught by the paparazzi with their shirts off. But we doubt Barack Obama was pulling a John Kennedy Jr. when he was photographed topless on the beach while vacationing in Hawaii. Not when he wears mom jeans (undoubtedly sourced by the Secret Service, not Michelle).

Then there are those (Mussolini) who go skiing topless in the Alps or hunting bare-chested in Siberia (Putin). And while we know two is not a trend (that takes three, silly), one hopes Obama and his team of advisors are connecting the historical dots.

In worlds where violence, misogyny and bigotry are encouraged, so are displays of physical prowess, particularly when the head of that regime knows everyone is looking.

Mussolini Goes Skiing




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