Alison Garwood Jones


November 11, 2013

Tag clouds are passé. Today I started organizing four years worth of blog posts into digital magazines using Flipboard. I created specialty magazines on music, sleep, freelance writing and technology. A fifth title covering my feminist wrestling matches is on its way. Moving forward, this will be a great archival tool for my posts.

To read my Flipboard magazines and the many other publicly-generated titles, download the app here. As you may have guessed, the iPad is the most immersive and visually stunning platform to engage with Flipboard. The tablet is so clearly the future of magazines.

I’d say the best part of my trek into digital space is the constant discovery of new ways to tell and organize stories — mine and others. That would explain the zero-gravity bounce in my step today.

Note: Flipboard generates automatic (and often incorrect) photo credits. It grabs the overall source where the pic appears and is very ham-fisted in its editing options — i.e. it makes it impossible to credit original content creators. I hope they change that going forward. Suffice it to say, I did NOT take this photo of Janis Joplin or of Google’s Robert Wong. Totally blank photo credits mean I’m still hunting for names. 





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