Alison Garwood Jones


February 20, 2014

Dear Jenny:

We’re heartbroken at Fionn’s.

I’m going to miss our life chats at the host stand. We listened hard to each other — sometimes unintentionally missing an incoming guest as we problem solved life’s big questions. We compared our dreams and upbringings: you in Russia, Michigan and Toronto; me in Dundas and Hamilton. You crossed timezones and cultures to get here. I crossed a highway. I admired your family’s chutzpah and how seriously you took being a big sister and a daughter.

Standing at the front, you laid out your goals and voiced your questions. You were in the throes of choosing between nursing and biology. I’d been there too once, only with different subjects. Know that you would have been a stand-out in whatever you chose. Anyone can memorize facts from a textbook, but you cared about people and systems and communities and wanted to be part of a system and a community that made a difference. You did that. You changed our community at Fionn’s for both the staff and the guests. No one missed what a sweet soul you were as you moved across the floor in your sparkly top and ballet flats to get back to your position at the door.

Good people elevate those around them. Thank you, Jenny, for doing that for us.

Your friend,

Alison xo


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