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Need LinkedIn help?

May 21, 2014

LinkedIn Manifesto

If you need LinkedIn therapy, I can help. I will:

• Interview you to reveal your unique story, then write your SUMMARY on the spot (with your approval, of course). Hint: this is not your old Word Doc résumé. Being entertaining matters.

• Show you where and when to insert KEYWORDS, then explain how the algorithm actually works in relation to recruiters and job suggestions. Hint: Don’t trip over keywords in your Summary. Save them for your SKILLS & ENDORSEMENTS section.

• Edit and improve your PROFILE PICTURE. We are hardwired to respond to faces, so don’t skip the pic.

• Help you craft your job EXPERIENCE so it shows your achievements, not your responsibilities. Hint: No shopping lists.

And much more …

I work by phone, Skype and Google Hangouts.

I also do house calls, coffeeshop tête-à-têtes and group LinkedIn sessions.

For more info, contact me at:





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