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Take that!

September 12, 2014

Spam Super Hero

I had a great summer. My blog? Not so much. For three months, it was bombarded by a spam attack so thick and persistent that a team of developers had to put down their swords so they could scratch their heads.

We ended up having to switch commenting platforms (the source of my woes) and settling on Livefyre. Intense Debate is toast.

My thanks to Graham Scott and Danny Brown for their advice. And a very special thank you to Kathryn Barlow of KBarlow Design for clearing out and deflecting all future spam. She was as tenacious as Wonder Woman.

I’ve really missed using this space to write and draw. LinkedIn Publisher is good, but nothing beats posting on real estate you own.

Here’s to a great fall!




6 responses to “Take that!”

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Welcome back, miss, and sorry to hear about your spam issues. I think you’ll love Livefyre – the filters, and blocking options, etc., make it a great solution for keeping spam to the very minimum.
    Great to have you back! :)

  2. terry line says:

    i like the long hair, pumped up, super hero thing you got goin’………!….nice win.!

  3. MarieChisholm says:

    I’m an ass. I didn’t even know you were down, but chuffed to hear you’re back up darling. And you know I approve of this new doodle.

  4. Thanks Chiz. I always appreciate your support.

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