Alison Garwood Jones

Switching gears

July 4, 2015

I like drawing because it uses a different patch of my brain than writing and makes me tackle math and spatial questions.

For me, drawing is an act of joy — not some predatory career move — although I joked with friends on Facebook this week that monetizing the hell out of ALL my skills seemed like a prudent thing to do in this Age of Uncertainty. I cut hair too if anyone needs a trim. I don’t do highlights.

I’m convinced that the time I spend drawing helps me level up as a writer for the simple reason that it takes me away from my desk, then sends me back with a glow of achievement and a renewed confidence in my problem-solving skills.

This week, I designed and executed a series of event windows for Toronto’s Merchant Tavern (see below, and come down if you love craft beer … and #TacoTuesdays). This assignment reminded me that concentrated effort is the only thing that will take you over a finish line — a lesson for any writer stalling midway through a project.

When you want to advance something you’re constantly focused on (in my case, writing), go out and achieve in another area. This is not about multitasking or procrastination, it’s about giving your all to activities you care about. For someone else it could be gardening or cake decorating or playing in a band. Concentrating on pure pleasure is healthy and life affirming.


Restaurant Window Art for The Merchant in Toronto

Photos: AGJ at work by Ana Cunha. The rest were taken by the author.


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