Alison Garwood Jones

From the business pages

October 6, 2015




In June, Goldman Sachs brought down a new policy for their 2900 interns in investment banking: leave the office before midnight each day. (Source: The Sunday Funnies. Correction: “Sunday Business,” The New York Times).


Goldman Sachs supports

Balanced Living


He what


Meet Kenneth Griffin, an American hedge fund manager and the Founder and CEO of Citadel.

Kenneth Griffin

He makes $100 million a month (before taxes). After taxes it’s considerably less. Only $68.5 million. Part of his skillset is keeping a straight face.



$750 prescription pill

The $750 prescription pill.

Update:  an American-style shootout is ensuing between the U.S. Congress and drugmakers over price increases. Shareholders resent the government interference.


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