Alison Garwood Jones

Skillshare vs. Netflix

April 13, 2016

Practicing my brush pen letteringMy favorite kind of homework. Hardest letters: S, Y. #brushpenlettering #brushguide (h/t to our teacher, Miami-based art director, Andrea Campos)

It’s no contest. Given the choice between, say, Scarface and a tutorial on brush pen lettering (above) or a primer on watercolour techniques, I’m going with the loaded brush.

I think Skillshare is one of the biggest gifts the internet has to offer.

Everything I could possibly be interested in in the realm of art, letters and digital technology is represented. The videos offer a homespun look at process and invite you to sit desk side with your talent crushes. Yes, you get to study the tchotchkes on and above their desks.

I gave up my Netflix subscription four years ago, and while I’m open to switching it back on, I’m much happier listening to Debbie Millman talk about visual narratives or watching Andrea Campos demonstrate the hand pressure you’ll need to create fluid upstrokes and downstrokes with your Tombo Brush Pen.

The very best of the human spirit is gathered at

Check it out. I’m guessing you’ll be drawn to the light too.


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