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June 13, 2017

Window Art by Alison Garwood-JonesPhoto: Alison Garwood-Jones

The Merchant Tavern, TORONTO (@TheMerchantTo): Colouring on the back of a window makes the shaded areas appear more solid from the front. This is especially true on double-pane glass. This is my latest #ChalkArt discovery using Molotow acrylic markers.

Some other things I’ve learned since I started drawing on windows two summers ago: ink adheres to the glass really well in the morning when the windows are still cool. By 2:00 pm, any window that receives direct sun is pretty much a right off. The heat makes the ink and the window act like oil and water. My lines bead and slip and slide. This is true for water-based inks, oil-based, and acrylic. I’ve tried them all, and in combination too!

Window finishes (like UV coatings) also create an unpredictable surface. Sometimes I have to will the art to happen!

Thank you to The Merchant Taps & Tavern for inviting me to decorate your windows knowing full well I had never done this kind of work before this gig. This is what happens when you say, Why not?

Alison Garwood-Jones painting the windows at The Merchant Tavern, TorontoPhoto: Greg Garson

Window Art by Alison Garwood-Jones


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