Alison Garwood Jones

Viking girl

October 27, 2017

Viking cartoon by Alison Garwood-JonesCartoon by Alison Garwood-Jones

Doing anything well takes discipline. This is Hildegard. She’s a Viking warrior with a stringent daily routine involving running, journaling/goal setting, and practicing her fencing. Not much gets in her way, especially men.

But, at some point, she’ll hit a wall. The need for balance — not exactly defined in the Bronze Age, albeit keenly felt — will creep into her life. The company of Jesper, her cat, won’t be enough. She’ll resist that feeling with all her might, pressing her face into Jesper’s fury belly to make it go away. But it will keep working on her like a wood-boring beetle until it breaks her will and forces her to figure out how to live anew.

Materials: Tombow Brush Pen and a few swipes with Photoshop.


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