Alison Garwood Jones

James Baldwin

January 29, 2018

James Baldwin cartoon by Alison Garwood-JonesWhen the going gets tough, the weak blame.
It appears to be a human default setting.
I often dream of good deeds,
And individually extracting myself from the white man’s shitty record on race.
“But you can’t,” Ta-Nehisi Coates told a podscast audience I was part of …
“Any more than I can get out of being black.”
OK then, this I know: putting others down to raise yourself Up lowers everyone.
Look, it’s burning up my fair countenace with frustration that this madness persists!
If democracy is civilized disagreement,
Then I disagree with history’s stance on race.
Get some new thoughts, fair ones.

Cartoon Bubble Sources:

I Am Not Your Negro, by Raoul Peck
Remember This House, an unfinished manuscript by James Baldwin
The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin
WTF Podcast with Marc Maron, Episode 878.



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  1. Just beautiful. The strip and the post. Thank you!

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