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Creative Entrepreneurs: a mutual support society

June 27, 2018

Pen Jar Productions is the print-to-order design studio of Alison Garwood-Jones. Imagine her one-of-a-kind drawings on your throw pillows or tech accessories.

The nice thing about being a creative entrepreneur, other than the creative freedom, the distance from office politics, and the casual wardrobe (I also like to randomly drop and do sit-ups, which I wouldn’t do in an office setting) is the sense of camaraderie with fellow freelancers.

We hire each other, and pay with cash or barter for food and beer, or services. When I started my new Shopify store, Pen Jar Productions, I brought my longtime friend and web designer, Kathryn Barlow on board to perform some CSS surgery on my template.

This morning, this dropped on Facebook.

Kathryn, you can invoice me! I like to pay fast for good work.

Thank you,


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison for years on her blog, which showcases her writing and illustrative talents. I was so thrilled when she launched her Shopify store, Pen Jar Productions to let others bring home a piece of that talent! From pillows to tech accessories, her unique illustrative style injects colour and whimsy to any room!

Alison is hands down one of my favourite people to work with. She’s bright, friendly, funny, and always excited to learn something new.

Check out her shop here: and be sure to give her a follow on Facebook



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