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March 25, 2019

Preview of Spring Designs at Daisy drawings

While my students were working on their group projects this week, I had a moment to myself. So I drew a daisy, then two …

Back at my desk the next day, I had the beginnings of my Spring/Summer collection for Pen Jar Productions.

The ingredients that went into this recipe were:

• 1 Above Ground Art Supplies Premium Hardbound Sketchbook

• 1 Uniball Vision Pen (Fine). The waterproof ink is key.

• 4 colours: Daniel Smith’s New Gamboe, Hansa Yellow Light (Lemon Yellow works too), Sap Green and Payne’s Grey.

• PhotoShop (I finally understand a fraction of it!)

• 1 HP Scanner (the glass plate is so small. I need to upgrade)

• 1 artboard from Curry’s

• 1 elastic (from a head of broccoli) and two sunny yellow clips to hold the pages down for photographing

• 1 Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio

I hope you love process as much as I do.


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