Alison Garwood Jones

Multicultural Day on The Esplanade

June 25, 2019

Multicultural Day on The Esplanade by Jamii Esplanade


If you are near Crombie Park this Thursday, June 27, please come and say hi. I’ll be working as one of the artists at Jamii Esplanade’s Multicultural Day, along with Andrew Patterson and Alicia Herbert. There will be live performances by dancers, musicians and poets from around the world.

Stroll by Jarvis and Esplanade between 11am and 1pm, and 4pm and 7pm and get your portrait done while a musician, poet or dancer serenades you.

By having the three of us create portraits of you, the festival hopes to explore our own and other people’s perceptions and interpretations of “self”, all the while embarking on a journey through childhood memories and culture revival.

Poster artwork: @visiblenoise

Featuring artists  Alison Garwood-Jones, Alicia Herbert, Andrew Patterson, @indritk @imanabdulrazzak@djennielaguerre, @jimadams51, Valérie Descheneaux

In partnership with @corpusdanceprojects and @theatrefrancais

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage.


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